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Maia Atlantis: Ancient World Blogs -

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    November 29, 2018 19.00 - LECTURE Georgia Tsouvala (Illinois State University)

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    November 29, 2018 18.30 - LECTURE Μανόλης Κορρές, Ομότιμος Καθηγητής ΕΜΠ

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    November 29, 2018 09.00 -

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    Emiliano Rubens Urciuoli, Servire due padroni: una genealogia dell'uomo politico cristiano (50-313 e.v.), Brescia, 2018.

    Éditeur : Morcelliana
    Collection : Saggi
    385 pages
    ISBN : 9788828400073
    28 €

    L'esistenza nel mondo classico di un potere pubblico a partecipazione cristiana, precedente la “cristianizzazione” della legislazione e delle istituzioni imperiali, è un'ipotesi plausibile, esistono precisi indizi documentali. Tuttavia, l'interesse degli storici non si è quasi mai rivolto alle specificità teologiche, socio-economiche e psicologiche di questa presenza politica. Questo saggio si propone di ricostruire la genealogia del politico cristiano nell'impero “pagano”, un personaggio culturalmente “scomodo” e storiograficamente inedito. Emerge, così, una figura del rimosso culturale cristiano, finalmente liberata come risorsa per raccontare un'altra storia, che interseca teologia politica, storia del cristianesimo antico, storia delle religioni e storia sociale.


    Source : Morcelliana

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    Review of Concetta Bianca, Saulo Delle Donne, Luigi Ferreri, Anna Gaspari, Le prime edizioni greche a Roma (1510-1526). Europa Humanistica, 20. Turnhout: 2017. Pp. 447. €95,00. ISBN 9782503570297.

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    Review of Michael James Bennett, Deleuze and Greek Physics: The Image of Nature. Bloomsbury studies in ancient philosophy. Bloomsbury; London: 2017. Pp. ix, 277. $35.96 (pb). ISBN 9781474284684.

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    Review of Richard F. Thomas, Why Bob Dylan Matters. New York: 2017. Pp. 352. $24.99. ISBN 9780062685735.

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    Four metal detectorists have denied illegally dealing in tainted cultural objects after reportedly uncovering a haul (sic) of Anglo-Saxon and Viking treasure near Leominster'' (Anon, 'Four in court accused of dealing "tainted cultural objects'' Hereford Times 28th November 2018)
    Today the four men appeared at Worcester Crown Court where they spoke only to confirm their names during a 25 minute hearing [Three of them] pleaded not guilty to dealing in tainted cultural objects [while a detectorist from] Rumney, Cardiff, was not asked to enter a plea after requesting the prosecution to review his case on the basis he handed the coins to police before he was charged. If found guilty they could face a maximum prison sentence of seven years as well as a fine under the Dealing in Cultural Objects Offences Act 2003. [...]  Judge Jim Tindal told the quartet that their trial will last for four weeks and begin on September 30 next year. [...] The group were given unconditional bail and a pre-trial review will take place on March 15 at Worcester Crown Court.  
    According to Judge Jim Tindal, trying ít, 'clearly this is a complicated case' and he suggests that the ten months between now and the end of September is a time the four men should 'spend with your lawyers to discuss the case' (I rather think that is what one does with lawyers in such circumstances). West Mercia Police are also stressing the complexity of their investigation. This article does not contain much more that was in the Police press release of 31st October  and so we learn nothing of the background and what is actually alleged to have happened.

     It is a shame the PAS was apparently not asked to comment as a 'go to' source of informnation on portable antiquities issues (does this journalist even know we have one?), as this could have been a good chance for them to explain to the reading public just what the law in England and Wales does and does not say, and why it is so complicated to bring charges in cases like these. Also it would be nice to see a term in use since the law was established fifteen years ago not appear any more in scare quotes. It is a shame the British public is not already well aware of the usage of the term tainted artefacts, and that they apparently are not is again a failure of the PAS.

    Hat tip, Durham FLO Ben Westwood @FLODurhamFLO

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    Citizen archaeologist gonna make discoveries: Laura Geggel, 'Atlantis Found (Again)! And Exasperated Scientists (Again) Raise Their Eyebrows', Live science November 28, 2018
    Merlin Burrows pinpointed, two years ago, what may be Atlantis in Spain, Bruce Blackburn, the CEO of Merlin Burrows, told Live Science. The company, based in North Yorkshire, England, uses historical records and satellite data to find archaeological sites. [...] Merlin Burrows and Ingenio Films have made a 2-hour documentary called "Atlantica" about the finding, and Blackburn said he expects the companies to make more documentaries. "What we really want to do is we want to franchise the find," Blackburn said. "We want to make an awful lot of money out of it. And with that money, we want to support the archaeological community."
    That sounds familiar, they have a film, too:

    [UPDATE: The film has gone now,  but it was very reminiscent of the one of the rival Genesis project Atlantis seekers, same kind of music, same film clips of derring-do, same emphasis on 'we have the technology' and the same claims that if only they can ghet the money together they'll be very happy to finance some archaeologist to work with them [prompting the question whether they imagine an archaeologist will sell his soul to get his hands on the profferred cash in return for supporting them?]. All very odd].

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  • 11/29/18--01:27: Photo essay on Shivta
  • <img src="" height="1" width="1" alt=""/>

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    Last month a brief report on the survey and excavation of the remains of buildings and tombs dating to the Liao dynasty (907–1125), situated on Yiwulü Mountain 醫巫閭山, at a place called Xinli, about 8 km northwest of Beizhen city in Liaoning, was published online in Chinese and English: 医巫闾山辽代帝陵考古取得重要收获——辽宁北镇新立辽代建筑遗址发现辽乾陵陵前祭殿和乾陵玄宫 (2018-10-09) Significant achievements of Mausoleum archaeology from

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  • 11/29/18--02:30: A Nativity for Our Time
  • Via Hemant Mehta. I’ve shared in the past a nativity scene with the migrants removed. This new one explains how that one came about. Fred Clark blogged about parallels between ICE and those who caught slaves in an earlier period in American history. In a post at the start of the “Christmas shopping season” (that […]

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  • 11/29/18--02:48: Free Maps from AWMC
  • (Post by A.D. Riddle)

    In 2011, Routledge published Wall Maps for the Ancient World, a series of seven maps which were created by the Ancient World Mapping Center (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill). According to the center’s blog, the maps have gone out of print and now the rights have reverted back to the Ancient World Mapping Center. Yesterday, they announced they are making digital versions of the maps available to download. Most of the maps will be of interest to Bible students and readers of this blog. The announcement noted additionally that the digital version of map 6 “World of the New Testament” incorporates some minor corrections.

    You can read more about the maps and download them here.

    The seven maps are:

    1.  Egypt and the Near East, 3000 to 1200 BCE. Scale: 1:1,750,000.
    2.  Egypt and the Near East, 1200 to 500 BCE. Scale: 1:1,750,000.
    3.  Greece and the Aegean in the Fifth Century BCE. Scale: 1:750,000.
    4.  Greece and Persia in the Time of Alexander the Great. Scale: 1:4,000,000.
    5.  Italy in the Mid-First Century CE. Scale: 1:775,000.
    6.  The World of the New Testament and the Journeys of Paul. Scale: 1:1,750,000. Inset “New Testament Palestine” (Scale 1:350,000).
    7.  The Roman Empire around 200 CE. Scale: 1:3,000,000.

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    Attic red-figured hydria attributed to the Pan painter
    Source: Becchina archive.
    Courtesy: Dr Christos Tsirogannis.
    Dr Christos Tsirogiannis has spotted that a hydria due to be auctioned at Christie's in London on 5 December 2018 (lot 126) also features in the Becchina archive. The estimate for the pot is £20,000-£30,000. 

    The auction catalogue provides the following history for the piece:
    • with Holger Termer, Hamburg. Acquired by the present owner from the above, 1986. 
    The scene was interpreted by Erika Simon as Theseus and Hekale in a contribution to the Festschrift R. Berlinger ('Theseus und Hekale', in  Perspektiven der Philosophie 13, 1987, pp. 409-416, pl. 1.2). Simon appeared to know the piece from the Hamburg private collection.

    The Beazley Archive (BAPD 29055) is a little more cautious: 'Old woman (Hekale) with phiale at kalathos, youth with chlamys, spears and pilos (Theseus ?)'. It also provides the information that the attribution was by Martin Robertson.

    The invoice in the Becchina archive is dated to the 26 January 1987, though a proforma of 12 December 1986 is also recorded. The invoice suggests that the scene possibly represents Oedipus and Teiresias.

    Who is the present owner of the hydria? Is it the person or gallery who acquired it from Termer in 1986 (sic.)? Or did Palladion sell it on to a further party? Were Christie's unaware of the Becchina link? What had the due diligence search found?

    It should be noted that the same sale at Christie's has other Termer pieces. What are their full histories?

    It would be helpful if the full history of the hydria was to be disclosed. In any case, when did the hydria first surface? Is there any evidence that it was known prior to 1970?

    Where were hydriai attributed to the Pan painter found?

    • Athens: 1
    • Padula: 1
    • Vulci: 1
    • Vulci (presumably, said to be): 1
    • Capua (presumably, said to be): 1
    • Nola (presumably, said to be): 1
    • Metapontum: 1

    Italy is a likely find-spot.

    Bookmark and Share so Your Real Friends Know that You Know

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    In few weeks my book on Sanctuaries in Roman Dacia will be out. It’s the result of 5 years of research carried on in the Max Weber Kolleg and the University of Pécs, trying to find a bridge between classical archaeology, religious studies and archaeology of religion. Following the paradigmatic works of Mihai Barbulescu on “Spiritual interferences in Roman Dacia (1984 in Romanian language)” and Sorin Nemeti’s “Religious syncretism in Roman Dacia” (2005, also in Romanian), this volume tried to present the archaeological material through the eye of religious studies, focusing on religious experiences in sacralised spaces, commonly known today as Roman sanctuaries. The research was part of the Sanctuary Project of prof. Greg Woolf (ICS London) in collaboration with the Lived Ancient Religion project of prof. Jörg Rüpke. The publication of the book was financed by the Foundation of the Heritage of Transylvania  from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

    Contents of the book you can find HERE.

    Short abstract of the book:

    “This book is the first comprehensive work focusing on lived ancient religious communication in Roman Dacia. Testing for the first time the ‘Lived Ancient Religion’ approach in terms of a peripheral province from the Danubian area, this work looks at the role of ‘sacralised’ spaces, known commonly as sanctuaries in the religious communication of the province. The author analyses the role of space sacralisation, religious appropriation, embodiment and the social impact of religious communication in urban contexts (Apulum), military contexts (Porolissum and Mehadia), and numerous examples from rural (non-urban) environments (Ampelum, Germisara, Ad Mediam, and many 9781789690811others). The book concentrates not only on the creation and maintenance of sacralised spaces in public and secondary locations, but also on their role at the micro-level of objects, semi-micro level of spaces (settlements), and the macro-level of the province and the Danubian region as a whole. Innovatively as regards provincial archaeological research, this book emphasises the spatial aspects of lived ancient religion by analysing for the first time the sanctuaries as spaces of religious communication in Dacia. The work also contains a significant chapter on the so-called ‘small-group’ religions (the Bacchic, Mithraic and Dolichenian groups of the province), which are approached for the first time in detail. The study also gives the first comprehensive list of archaeologically-epigraphically- attested, and presumed sacralised spaces within Dacia”.

    Hopefully, the book can be ordered from January 2019 on the page of Archaeopress Publishing Ltd.


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    It is sort of taken as a given in grammars that the perfects in these two languages are different, but there is surprisingly little discussion of exactly what that means or how they are different.

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    RursuSpicae: Transmission, Réception, et Réécriture des Textes, de l'Antiquiquité au Moyen Âge
    ISSN électronique: 2557-8839

    RursuSpicae est une revue consacrée à la transmission des textes et des savoirs de l’Antiquité à la fin du Moyen-Âge. Elle est la fusion des revues Rursus et Spicae dont les objectifs scientifiques étaient similaires. Cette transmission peut concerner non seulement les textes grecs et latins, mais également hébraïques, syriaques et arabes qui ont nourri la culture médiévale et moderne. Les anciens numéros de Spicae sont disponibles en pdf à cette adresse.

    1 | 2018
    Parodies et pastiches antiques

    Ancient Pastiches and Parodies
    Sous la direction de Isabelle Draelants et Arnaud Zucker
    Couverture de Der Froschmäuse Krieg 1878
    Informations sur cette image
    Crédits : Illustrateur : Fedor Flinzer (1832–1911)

    Rursus | Numéros

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