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    Eulexis version 1 (bêta): Lemmatiseur de grec ancien

    Eulexis est un logiciel de lemmatisation de textes en grec ancien, libre et gratuit, disponible pour Mac OS et Windows.
    Cette application est mise à disposition sans aucune garantie, mais avec l'espoir qu'elle vous sera utile, et reste soumise à corrections et améliorations.

    Archive zip de la branche principale (master)Les sources sont déposées et gérées sur Github
    Eulexis est aussi disponible en version ligne : tester Eulexis-web

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    Israel Caesarea CoinsCAESAREA, ISRAEL—BBC News reports that a small bronze pot holding a cache of 900-year-old gold coins and a gold earring has been found hidden in the wall of a well, at a house located in the ancient Mediterranean port of Caesarea. Peter Gendelman and Mohammed Hatar of the Israel Antiquities Authority said the eleventh-century coins may have been hidden during the Crusader conquest of the city in 1101, when historic sources note that the most of the city’s inhabitants were killed by the army led by Baldwin I, the king of the Crusader kingdom of Jerusalem. Gendelman and Hatar explained that the well-to-do owner of the coins probably either died in the massacre or was sold into slavery and so was unable to return for the coins. For more, go to “Reimagining the Crusades.”

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    Scotland Caithness Facial ReconstructionCAITHNESS, SCOTLAND—BBC News reports that analysis of DNA obtained from the bones of a woman who died in what is now Scotland more than 4,250 years ago offers a new interpretation of her possible appearance and ancestry. The remains of the woman, now known as Ava, were discovered in a rock-cut tomb during road construction in 1987. An earlier reconstruction suggested she had red hair and blue eyes, but the latest analysis of her genome indicates she actually had brown eyes and black hair. The data also suggests she was lactose intolerant, and was descended from northern European migrants to Britain. “The revelation that her ancestors were recent northern European migrants is exciting, especially as we know that she has no, or very few, genetic connections with the local Neolithic population who resided in Caithness before her,” said archaeologist Maya Hoole of Historic Environment Scotland. To read in-depth about another site in Scotland dating to this period, go to “Neolithic Europe's Remote Heart.”

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    Twelve pieces of ancient mosaics in Bowling Green State University’s art collection are being packed for their return to the Republic of Turkey. Representatives of BGSU and the Turkish government marked the return of the artifacts at a news conference Nov. 20 in the University’s Wolfe Center for the Arts, where the mosaics have been on display. Bacchanante cut from same floor with cleaned up edges [Credit: Bowling Green State...

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    Archaeological research by the University of Bern in Sirkeli Höyük, Turkey, has led to the discovery of a Bronze Age and Iron Age city complex. With over 80 hectares, it is one of the largest known settlements of this period in Turkey. Remarkable finds underline the importance of the ancient city, which could even be Kummanni, known as a place of worship. Panoramic view from north to the ruins of Sirkeli Höyük with citadel, lower...

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    In 2019 organiseert CAA Nederland-Vlaanderen, in samenwerking met de Digital Archaeology Group van de Universiteit Leiden, opnieuw een workshop-dag over het gebruik van digitale technieken en specifieke softwarepakketten in archeologisch onderzoek. De workshops zijn gericht op zowel studenten, onderzoekers als archeologen actief in de commerciële sector. Om een beter beeld te krijgen van de verwachtingen en wensen van deze doelgroepen, is een korte enquête opgesteld.
    Je kunt deze enquête hier invullen. Bijkomende onderwerpen zijn altijd welkom.

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    Naar jarlijkse gewoonte heeft de provincie Vlaams-Brabant de brochure ‘Archeologie 2018. Recent archeologisch onderzoek in Vlaams-Brabant’ gepubliceerd. Op kun je deze publicatie nu integraal downloaden of (gratis) bestellen. In deze editie komen acht onderwerpen aan bod, met onder meer opgravingsresultaten uit Boutersem, Halle en Leuven.

    * Het Erfgoed Museum Asse (EMA)
    * Opgravingen aan de Nieuwstraat te Halle – Olivier Van Remoorter
    * De voormalige stedelijke ijskelder van Leuven blootgelegd – Regionaal Landschap Dijleland
    * Een nieuwe start in Leuven – Lisa Van Ransbeeck
    * Resultaten van waarderend proefsleuvenonderzoek op drie Gallo-Romeinse sites binnen het ruilverkavelingsgebied Willebringen – Sites Memmenberg, Meer en Wiederveld – David Depraetere
    * Het Onroerend Erfgoeddepot Vlaams-Brabant vertelt – Jan De Cock
    * De Archeologiedagen 2018 – Benedicte Helegeer
    * ‘Van West naar Oost’: archeologische toevalsvondsten in Vlaams-Brabant in 2018 – Agentschap Onroerend Erfgoed


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    A copper finger ring, dating back around 2,000 years, with an incised Greek inscription saying...

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    via Bangkok Post, 29 November 2018: Along with Cambodia, Thailand's Khon dance is also listed in Unesco's Intangible Cultural Heritage list.

    The post Unesco lists ‘khon’ as cultural heritage appeared first on SEAArch - Southeast Asian Archaeology.

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    A few days ago, the Classics Blog, Sententiae Antiquae, had a lovely piece on how language, grammar, and gender often intersect. A man marries, a woman gets married, but what about divorce & adultery? Rachel Aubrey investigates.

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    via Asean Post, 29 November 2018: Walking through Angkor today, I did notice more than a few tourists being guided by apps rather than books or human guides.

    The post Cambodia’s tour guides face tech disruption appeared first on SEAArch - Southeast Asian Archaeology.

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    NONOICHI, JAPAN—The Asahi Shimbun reports that a piece of pottery dating back at least 1,100 years and inscribed with the figure of a smiling woman with long hair was unearthed at the site of a Buddhist temple on the island of Honshu, near the coast of the Sea of Japan. Officials from the Nonoichi City Board of Education said the temple dates to the Asuka Period, between A.D. 592 and 710, while the piece of pottery, which measures about seven inches long and four inches wide, is thought to have been part of the first floor of a gato, or earthen pagoda, built in the ninth century. The image may represent a celestial nymph who served Miroku Bosatsu, a Buddhist deity. She holds a ritual implement called a hossu and wears a dress with vertical stripes. The tips of her shoes curve upwards. To read about another recent discovery in Japan, go to “Samurai Nest Egg.”

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  • 12/03/18--21:00: ICC-Angkor expo coming up
  • via Khmer Times, 30 Nov 2018: I'm in Siem Reap this week for the ICC, so hopefully I'll get to visit the exhibition and post some pictures later this week.

    The post ICC-Angkor expo coming up appeared first on SEAArch - Southeast Asian Archaeology.

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    via ABS-CBN, 03 December 2018 and other sources: A series of historically-significant Philippine documents were sold at auction over the weekend, despite government attempts to halt the sale.

    The post Ringside at the auction: how the contested Bonifacio documents were sold appeared first on SEAArch - Southeast Asian Archaeology.

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    Dr. Richard Rigsby, longtime professor at Talbot School of Theology, went to be with the Lord this morning. Dr. Rigsby impacted many lives in his pastoring (at Bell Gardens Baptist Church since 1986) and in his teaching (at Talbot from 1974 until his retirement in 2012). His publications are numerous, including, most recently, several articles in the Dictionary of the Old Testament: Pentateuch.

    Dr Rigsby in Priene theater seat, tb010401806

    My initial meeting with Dr. Rigsby and his wife Donna was through the Talbot Bible Lands program which they began in 1990. Every year, excepting a few when international incidents intervened, Dr. Rigsby and Donna recruited and led a group of seminary students to the Middle East. And they were always large groups, full of highly motivated students who knew of the excellent reputation of the trips. Every week in the fall semester, Dr. Rigsby taught a class preparing students for their geographical, historical, and archaeological studies. And the day after Christmas, every year, they boarded a plane with 45+ students.


    In the early years, they toured Israel every year. My first experience with Dr. Rigsby was filling in as a guide for Talbot’s Western Wall Tunnel tour in 1993. In 1997, Dr. Rigsby led the first Turkey-Greece-Rome expedition, and henceforth they traveled to Israel in the even years and Turkey-Greece-Rome in the odd years. Many of their students went on both trips; though expensive, the students knew that these trips were well worth the investment in learning the Bible and its world. For a few years, the Rigsbys added a summer trip to the Greek islands, eager to give their students the opportunity to go just about everywhere Paul went.

    Rome Mamertine Prison with Dr Rigsby and Gordon, tb011801806

    Dr. Rigsby’s impact is vast, and I cannot begin to communicate its scope. I know that the Rigsbys hosted a Talbot Bible Lands reunion in their home every year, and every year former participants would travel sometimes great distances to be there. This was an annual testimony to the enduring impact of the program and the great love they had for the Rigsbys.

    Dr. Rigsby had a significant influence on me. The most important was in his knowledge of the Word and his love for the Lord. One of his favorite passages was Zechariah 4:6: “Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the Lord of hosts.” He lived a wise, humble life by the power of the Spirit.


    He was not only a faithful pastor of his students’ hearts, but he was renowned for his sense of humor. Flipping through some old photo albums recently, I was hard-pressed to find one where he wasn’t acting up for the camera. Perhaps nothing was more hilarious than the stories he told of his younger years. And one of his popular traditions on the tours was to perform in an ancient theater the song, “I am my own grandpa.”

    Dr Richard Rigsby, img_7896

    A particular way that Dr. Rigsby’s influence is felt by many reading this reflection is his encouragement to me in developing the photo collections. In fact, I released the very first edition of the Pictorial Library of Bible Lands to the Talbot Bible Lands group in January 2000. I will never forget how strongly he urged me to press on in this work (and how he encouraged his students to purchase the collection, so that I could press on). Several years later, Dr. Rigsby showed me a closet full of old slides taken by Dr. Charles Lee Feinberg, and that was the beginning of a new photo series, the Historic Views of the Holy Land.

    Dr. Rigsby received the first copy of the first edition of the Pictorial Library, and this summer I drove over to his house to share the newest volume (#19) in the Pictorial Library. Unlike all the rest, these photos were of biblical sites that the well-traveled scholar had not visited. We plugged my computer into his bedroom TV so I could show him my new photos of Susa, Persepolis, the Behistun Inscription, and more. He was tickled by the experience of virtually visiting these significant sites, and his encouragement of me in my work was as strong as ever.

    Talbot 2012 at En Gedi, tb010812270

    Dr. Rigsby also has influenced me and others in the development of Bible lands programs. My first tour of Turkey, Greece, and Rome was with his Talbot Bible Lands trip in 2001. When my university decided to begin a similar study program, I unabashedly copied Dr. Rigsby’s brilliant itinerary in my proposal. That trip, largely unmodified from that original proposal, has been conducted by The Master’s University since 2007. All of our students are thus, unknowingly, in Dr. Rigsby’s debt. Other programs now led by his students are no doubt patterned after his.

    But no one really could copy his plan. No tour leaders were more organized, no students were better prepared, and no trip was more filled with little “extras,” all along the way. Every day, two people in the group were honored with an artistically creative “paper plate award” that recognized a particular contribution or characteristic. Special services were planned for worship or celebration. Gifts were purchased in advance for the in-country instructors and guides, and no details were overlooked in planning or execution. And, as all of the Talbot Bible Lands students would tell you, no other program had Dr. Rigsby’s incomparable wife Donna.


    I was blessed to teach with Dr. Rigsby on all but one of his Israel tours since 2000. I never ceased to marvel at how full he made the trips. No group that I ever worked with stayed as long or saw as much. His mindset was that as long as the group was in the Middle East, they might as well visit one more site or travel to one more country. On our next-to-last tour together, in 2010, he decided we would make a side trip to Mount Sinai. The climb to the top, in my opinion, is the hardest of all that tourists regularly do in the Middle East; it is several times harder than the walk up the snake path at Masada. But as always, Dr. Rigsby was at the front. He was about 75 years old at the time, but like Moses, his eye was not dim, nor his vigor abated.


    Dr. Rigsby and Donna have been like second parents to my wife and me, and like bonus grandparents to our kids. When we passed through California in 2009, they treated us all to a day at Disneyland. Since our move to California, they have warmly welcomed us to their home many times, making us meals and cheering on our children in their piano progress. They have been kind and generous at every turn, and all who know them would heartily agree.


    Our most recent visit in their home was on Thanksgiving morning. Donna was her usual joyful self, though her husband’s health had recently taken a decline. But I had a new book for Dr. Rigsby, the Lexham Geographic Commentary on the Gospels, and he perked right up as I described some of the essays, a number of them written by his former students.

    Dr. Rigsby’s time of service is now complete, but his influence will long continue through his family, his church, and his students, along with all of those that they now serve. The Lord has indeed greatly blessed his people through the faithful life of our dear teacher and friend.

    Dr Richard Rigsby, img_7889

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    vagina (f. pl. vaginae)

    Sheath or scabbard of sword or dagger. Caes., BG 5.44.8; Pliny, NH 33.58; Tac., Ann. 15.54; ChLA 45.1340.10. [Bishop and Coulston 2006]

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    valetudinarium (n. pl. valetudinaria)

    A hospital in both a temporary and permanent camp. DMC 4; Veg., DRM 2.10; 3.2; Dig. 50.6.7; CIL 3.14537. [Johnson 1983]

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    vallum (n. pl. valla)

    A defensive rampart or wall (Hadrian’s Wall, built of stone, was referred to as a vallum: ND Occ. 40; RIB 2034, not to be confused with the Vallum, a post-Roman name for the earthwork south of Hadrian’s Wall). DMC 14; CIL III, 11965. [Johnson 1983]

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    The Dental Anthropology Group of the Centro Nacional de Investigación sobre la Evolución Humana (CENIEH) has just published a paper on dental histology in the journal Comptes Rendus PALEVOL, in which a comparison is made for the first time between the sample from the Sima de los Huesos site, in Atapuerca (Burgos), and dental samples from the Neanderthal site of Krapina, in Croatia, as well as with different modern human...

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